Ceiling signs are also called suspended ceiling signs. Because of the height of their installation, they are ideal for wayfinding and designating areas. They are especially useful in busy places where there might be crowds, such as convention centers and shopping malls.

If you want to boost the numbers visiting your shopping mall, you need to improve the shopping experience. One way to do that is to upgrade your signage.

Proper signage will allow people to move around the shopping mall and meet their goals more easily, whether they are browsing, shopping, meeting friends, or going to lunch.

Since shopping malls can be crowded, ceiling signs are ideal for letting people know where to find amenities. You can use ceiling signs to tell your visitors where they can find restrooms, restaurants, information areas, or specific meeting places.

We have years of combined experience in the sign industry. We have the expertise to help you find the best location for your signs. If you want advice regarding how many signs you need and how they should be installed for the best effect, look no further.

As a full-service sign company, we can handle any and every aspect of getting your shopping mall looking great with new signage. Don’t worry about time and money spent on installation. Our experts can handle every aspect of getting new signs without fuss. We can design, manufacture, install, and repair any signs, including your ceiling signs.

Our expert designers can take the aesthetic and brand of your shopping mall and make sure that your ceiling signs reflect the same style. It’s a great way to create a cohesive atmosphere. When the environment is unified in this way, with consistent signage, it’s easy on the eye and your customers can relax. Relaxed customers spend more money!

Losing money shoppers are frustrated or lost is a cardinal sin. Use ceiling signs to ensure that your customers can find their way around every part of your mall.

It’s also necessary to consider ADA regulations. We can make sure that a mall is ADA-compliant throughout. It makes sense to get on board with ADA regulations since failing to do so means that there could be a big fine to pay and that some customers are unable to visit your stores. Neither option is good for your bottom line.

Give us a call today or visit us online. Our friendly staff is looking forward to learning how we can help you revamp your mall, boost numbers, or take the shopping experience to the next level.