It is easy to spend a whole day in a museum, taking in all that is on display whether it is a history museum, an art museum, a children’s museum, or anywhere else with interesting exhibits. To make that experience more enjoyable, museums should invest in well-made wall signs that give visitors all of the details they may want.

Wall signs for museums are a simple, classic way to share information with visitors. These signs can be used in countless applications, from wayfinding signs and directories, to wall signs that explain more about different exhibits or areas of the museum.

Wayfinding Wall Signs

Many museums are large spaces, but those that are smaller are still usually packed with things to enjoy. By installing a wayfinding/directory wall sign, museums make it easier for visitors to find where they are going, learn about all of the exhibits on display, and navigate to other important areas like bathrooms, gift shops, and food outlets.

Wall signs, used as wayfinding/directory signs, are economical and long lasting. They are available in countless designs, with custom text, font, color, and graphics. Whether you want your wayfinding sign to blend in with the rest of the museum aesthetic or prefer a sign that stands out for ease of use, you are sure to find the ideal wall sign for your museum.

Exhibit Wall Signs

There are lots of places where a wall sign can be beneficial within museum exhibits. Used as entrance signs to explain what visitors will see, they can offer a general overview of each part of the museum. They can also be used judiciously throughout exhibits, giving more detail about remarkable artifacts or interesting trivia.

Again, these signs can be customized to fit any color scheme and design preference, still keeping a cohesive look throughout the museum. Some museums choose to color coordinate the signs, so each floor, exhibit, or common area has the same design but with different colors to help visitors visually navigate.

Make your museum navigable, interesting, and well organized by investing in quality wall signs. When they are created with high-quality materials and great workmanship, they will last for a long time, but are inexpensive enough to switch out with new signs when exhibits change.

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