If your restaurant gets a lot of foot traffic, and you are not already using sidewalk signs, you are missing out on a lot of potential customers! Sidewalk signs sit outside your restaurant, on the sidewalk, enticing passersby with information about your specials, deals of the day, or any other information you think will attract hungry diners.

You may know these signs as A-frame signs or sandwich boards. Whatever you want to call them, they work, and they have a lot of benefits.

The Benefits of Sidewalk Signs

Sidewalk signs are inexpensive, so you can advertise to customers without breaking the bank. The initial cost of the sign can be quite low, depending on the material you chose, so it is a very cost efficient type of signage with a great return on investment. You will be able to use the sign over and over again, having only paid for it once. A sidewalk sign is a great deal.

The interchangeability of a sidewalk sign is ideal for restaurants. You can change the message on your sign whenever you feel like it, which will keep even your regular customers coming back to see what you are highlighting that day. A double-sided sidewalk sign is even better for this purpose, giving you two surfaces for your message.

Because sidewalk signs are made to be moved in and out of your business as it opens and closes, they are very portable, lightweight, and convenient. You can easily lift the sign into your restaurant when your business hours are over, keeping your sign safe without expending a lot of energy or effort. The signs fold flat when they are not needed, saving valuable space.

These signs are also made to withstand weather conditions, given that they are heavily used in outdoor spaces. Made of high-quality, durable materials, this simple signage solution will work for you year after year.

While they are known as sidewalk signs, they can also be used indoors, to greet customers with a message as they enter your restaurant, adding even more usefulness to the product.

We can design your sidewalk sign in numerous materials and colors, and we can include your logo or other branding needs. Call or email us today to find out how a sidewalk sign can make a difference at your restaurant.