Raceway mounted signs are large and impactful. They are perfect for the inside or outside of shopping mall stores. These signs are letters and/or logos and images, lit up and mounted on a rectangular bar that houses the electrical components of the sign. This lets the sign physically stand out from the mounting surface, creating a clean and modern look that is attractive and eye catching.

Raceway signs are easy to light, promoting shopping malls and the stores within over a distance. Shopping malls offer a lot of places to visit, so a well-placed raceway mounted sign can make a specific store stand out from the others. These make great signs for the exterior of anchor stores that draw people into the mall, or for the name of the mall itself.

Raceway Mounted Signs: Built to Last

Aside from the aesthetic benefits of a raceway mounted sign for shopping malls, these signs also offer technical advantages. The raceway module protects everything inside, keeping the important wiring for the sign protected from weather, dust, and wear and tear.

The raceway takes the brunt of the installation, requiring a few mounting points versus mounting every single letter to the surface of a store or mall, so it is less complicated to install and creates less damage. This style also means that it is faster to install, rather than going one letter at a time.

Customize your Raceway Mounted Sign

As with most of our other sign offerings, our raceway mounted signs are fully customizable to meet the needs of your shopping mall or mall store. We understand that various retailers have different budget and branding needs, so we are sure to extensively consult with our clients before creating the proof for their sign, to ensure it is in line with their expectations.

We can customize nearly every aspect of a raceway mounted sign for our shopping mall clients, from the size of the sign to the shape of the letters, the colors and fonts used, and lighting choices. We tailor make each sign for each client, ensuring complete customer satisfaction from the initial consultation, to the final installation.

Make your shopping mall or mall store stick out with a beautifully crafted raceway mounted sign, made with top notch materials. Give us a call to find out what we can do for your retail outlet!