One of the best ways to get lost is to travel to a college or university. Students, alumni, and faculty know their way around like the back of their hand. To new faculty, staff, students and their parents, however, universities can be a jumble of buildings and parking lots. How do you find what you’re looking for?

Some would say just get out your smartphone and look at a map of the campus. Others would say turn on your GPS and follow the prompts. You can’t always rely on internet connectivity, however, and not everyone knows how to use digital maps, let alone their smartphones. Good directional signs are the simplest way of moving people around a university.

Good directional signage immediately takes the stress out of finding your way in large complexes such as universities. They are easy to follow. When it looks like you’re going the wrong way, directional signage is reassuring. Good directional signs offer the following benefits:

Bring professionalism to your campus. That, above all, is what you are promoting in your school. Universities are businesses too. Good customer service applies to everything, even to how well the signs perform all around the perimeters.

They are a great marketing tool. Proper directional signage should all be uniform. They present a great opportunity for raising brand awareness. The theme you pick should be seen on every directional sign you employ, both outdoors and inside buildings.

Easy navigation for visitors. When you’re lost, the first thing you look for is a sign to point the way. What do your directional signs look like? Once visitors get to the building of their choice, how easy is it to find the classroom or lecture hall they came for?

Universities are open every day for many events besides classes, so it’s imperative to create the best directional signage package you can.

Directional signs not only help people get to their destinations, but they also provide an aura of safety when they are done well. Especially when people are entering and exiting buildings they may not be very familiar with, there should be good directional signs. People will want directions at every staircase, exit, and entryway.

Our directional sign packages are fully customizable for your university. And we can do everything required to make sure that your university is ADA-compliant. Our expert team is here to help you. Give us a call today.