Outdoor Building Signs

We offer a range of outdoor building signs designed to elevate your business services. From lighted channel letters, to aluminum/wood and vinyl, to monument signs. Every project is different and our goal is to match you with your perfect sign! Below are some examples of each. Get in touch below.

Channel Letters

Channel letters are individual letters that can be lit either in a solid or backlit format depending on your needs. These letters come in variable sizes and are manufactured to fit the space available. They can be individually installed or mounted on a racetrack. The LED lights come in different colors and the letters themselves can be manufactured in different fonts. This is a great option for outside building signage.

Aluminum/Wood Vinyl Signs

A solid logo sign can be manufactured according to the customers business design. These signs are manufactured using either aluminum or MDO. They can also be LED lit for night time view. Depending on your logo design, they can be manufactured in one piece or several pieces. The sign above is a 5′ x 15′ and was designed using two sheets of max metal aluminum.

Monument Signs

Outdoor monument signs can be manufactured in many different formats. They can be made using masonry designs, metal, concrete, brick, even foam core. Let us help you pick the best option for your project.

Let’s build a sign together.

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