Retail Stores

Storefront retail businesses often stay open late after dark. Because of this, an illuminated channel letters sign is ideal for building a presence in a mall or retail business park. We’ve transformed many storefronts in the past by designing and installing a channel letters sign derived from the client’s own brand. Channel letters work like a beacon, attracting new customers to any store.

Retail businesses tend to be grouped together. On main streets and larger retail parks, you will often get storefront businesses competing on price. It’s vital to design a channel letters sign that doesn’t “disappear”, due to the mass of others on display. By taking a look at your retail environment, we can suggest an effective design which will make your business stand out. It might be that all it needs is a bold and unusual color, like lilac. Something that turns heads. Or we might use a copperplate lettering effect to win interest.

Whatever you want it, we can make it. We have the latest channel-bending machinery. This enables us to create channel letters in aluminum or stainless steel with acrylic faces. We fit efficient, long-lasting LEDs inside to create a warm, bright glow. Our skilled, credentialed technicians will install your channel letters sign, wiring it up via your front wall.

Offering More than Just Exterior Signs

The window graphics of today are nothing like the stick-on text for your business information, if that’s what you’re thinking. Today, window graphics offer lots of styles, colors, and options. One of the best things about window graphics is that we can design them with your unique retail store in mind. No longer just choosing a product off the shelf; your window graphics will be custom made and perfect for your business needs.

Are you curious about our wall signs, graphics, pole signs, banners, and more? Want to find the best signs for your retail store? Call our team today!


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