Schools serving students at all levels need to be accessible, and that accessibility extends to signage. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) stipulates several rules and regulations covering signage, required in all buildings that are accessible by disabled cutomers. This is of course includes educational settings, as every student deserves access to education.

ADA covers all buildings that are open to the public, so all types of schools must be compliant. With all of the rules in place for ADA signs, it can be complicated to ensure that you have posted proper signage. It must be done, however, to avoid penalties, and to properly share information with staff, students, and guests to the school.

The easiest solution to installing ADA signs in your school is to get an experienced sign company to create the signs and set them up in your building. This is because the ADA regulates more than just what the sign says. It also indicates what type of font has to be used, factors like Braille and tactile text usage, contrast between colors, and the height and size of various signs. There are many ways an ADA sign can be created or installed incorrectly without the proper knowledge. If you leave it up to the experts, you can rest assured that your signs will all turn out perfectly and in compliance.

Beyond ADA

Schools can also benefit from branding, directional signs and graphics. Our team can complete a full sign package that hits all the points that your school requires. Begin with a free assessment to get you started on a custom sign package. Give s a call today!



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