Floor Mats

We have a lot of experience when it comes to designing floor mat signs for your business. Our packages are very diverse and will prove to be very effective for any business. Are you looking for marketing tools to get results that  also have specific functions? Floor mat signs are a perfect way to achieve that.

Because many businesses are usually on floors of sealed concrete, marble, sealed vinyl, ceramic tile or wood, they are perfect places for unique and stylish floor mats. We can show you options as to where to place your floor mat signs for greatest visibility.

Key features of floor mat signs are:

  • Easy to clean.
  • Slip and tear resistant.
  • Water and fluid resistant.
  • Re-positionable and reusable.
  • Customizable in terms of size.
  • Can be cut to shapes.
  • Custom printed with your logo, ad, or other information.

Floor mat signs are not only great for welcoming customers, and they can be placed at other strategic areas such as point-of-purchase displays, end-caps, cash registers, and along wall displays. People notice what’s under their feet and if you’re running a promotion or sale, be sure to incorporate floor mats for added interest.

The best thing about floor mat signs is their versatility. Once a display changes or is replaced by another seasonal arrangement, you can use new floor mats for the perfect solution to your advertising needs. They are budget-friendly and last a long time.

To speak with us about what floor mat signs can do for your business, give us a call today. We will show you how floor mats work well in all retail environments. Get your brand name and logo in all the key places where customers look!

Interested in learning more? Contact our team today!


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